Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/That Deeper Place/ deVerse

That Deeper Place
Tussey-Mussey, pocket full of poseies
Ashes ashes we all fall down
Sticks and stones will break your bones
Love’s last breath will break your heart

Neruda says it begins with the ‘word’
But I think it begins in a deeper place
A place we imagine
Real or not...
A place where feelings begin
And love...

When we speak of the heart
I do not think we mean the organ
That beats in our chest
But instead that same place I am talking about
Where we can love selflessly
A place that houses ‘the heart and the soul’
The deepest part of our being
Where the dross is burned away
By the flames of love
From where feelings bubble up
To become the truth of who we are
Our identity...what is real

And you were real
You never changed who you were
In the beginning of your absence
I examined everything
And wondered...did I do all I could
Did you know how precious you were to me
And each time the answer came back
Like an echo
I loved you from that deepest place
My heart and my soul informed
My every deed and action

September 27, 2014

 Note:  I wrote this poem with my niece, Michele in mind.  It is her birthday, and about the same time my Son, Jim died, her Father, Charles died.  I am dedicating this poem to her.


  1. Annell, this is positively breathtaking! "Heart" definitely is that place where we can love selflessly. And it is through our heart that we see, really see and experience, what is real and important. I love this poem.

  2. Yes..,what a wonderful tribute and progression of thought..heart and soul maybe can't be is what you do and how you feel and all the twists and turns that still make loving unconditional...far more than an organ or one simple is in our being...peaceful Saturday to you xo

  3. Yes..feelings to me are the depth of all existence..sad..and tears..and joy and smiles rule my world freely...

    But there was once a time..i held them back over loss..over cruelty over anything that brings them out as feelings are free and need to move out....without regard of what needs to be more concrete ways of life...

    No more a prison are stone and steel..

    they are free..

    and so am i..:)

  4. This is deeper than a tribute - this is a message of truth that can arc from your heart to any heart who hears it. Exquisite.

  5. I like the way you take those abstract nouns 'heart' 'soul' 'joy' 'love' and unwrap them, examine them, try to identify their source and their power.

  6. To love from that deeper place - we can do no more or better than that. Wonderful write, my friend.

  7. I have always wondered about that deeper place.. we have always named it a heart.. and we all know today today it doesn't reside in the chest.. but yet our veins are filled with that intricate play that chemist try to name as pheromones and laymen or priest might see as the a conscious mind... I have weird memories from my youth when I felt a being or soul awakening... almost like it came through space to reside inside... your poem gave rise to strong feelings.. thank you.

  8. This is a moving and though-provoking poem, Annell. A great present to your niece.

  9. Terrific and knowing strength in this poem Annell, as it draws to a close - quite affecting... Beautifully felt and written.. With Best Wishes Scott

  10. How can we not love our family from that deepest place--and yet I know some do not--this is such a gift--this piece of writing--Thank you!

  11. i would agree...i think it starts much deeper...and the word just gives form to that bit of ether that we spin in our feelings...

  12. all we have is the intensity of the heart. you tell it rightly. i believe you live it so as well.


  13. wow..I love the question and then the answer of loving from the deepest place-beautiful!

  14. Oh Annell - the poem stands alone exquisitely with the notes it becomes a sacrament - truly exquisite ... and what can one say about your losses - this is where words and sometimes even poetry can falter and fail - You have created a beautiful tribute rising from unspeakable sorrow ...

  15. This is a deep and lovely tribute, Annell.

  16. The deepest love is that which knows it may not be returned in full. A lovely tribute.

  17. This poem took my heart, Annell. So much loss, but so much to be remembered. I love you, my friend. Hugs to you.

    Pamela ox

  18. A thought provoking, tender, touching piece of work. Thank you for having the guts to share it with us, Annell.