Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Writer's Digest/Hold My Hand--deVerse/The Journey

Hold My Hand
And I’ll hold yours’
Why so tight my Son
I won’t leave you
I am here

In thoughts we race back
Years back
When you and I were young
So much to learn for both of us
We thought it would be easy
And it was for a while

I was the one who cared for you
You explored the world
Of the neighborhood
Played in the dappled light
Of the yard
Fished and swam
Grew strong

As a young man
Just like the little birds in Spring
Your time came
You left the safety of the nest
Tried your wings
It was as it should be
I would not stand in the way
Of your journey

You came back home
After many adventures
Some good and some not
I was proud of the man you had become
The Prodigal Son
I was waiting and took your hand

Now you are gone
As it was to be
Written long ago
You followed your path
My hand is empty
My heart doesn’t seem to beat

Yet I hold the memory of you there              

August 17, 2014

The Journey
The journey began
Years ago
You came to us

Golden hair
Eyes of blue
You looked into mine
And I looked into yours’
We didn’t know
What this would mean

Your care
Became my life
My only child
My one big prayer
You opened my eyes to see
You were my teacher

Always on the move
With your little black dog
Your image
Filled my heart
Always glad when
You were around

To the young man
You were
I said goodbye
More than once
As a Mother must do

This final time
Was the hardest of course
To say goodbye for the last time
Completely broke my heart
Today I do not know
If I will live again
I walk the journey
In the valley of darkness

August 17, 2014


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Beautiful poems Annell.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh, my friend. Such beautiful heartbreaking writing. Mothers do say goodbye so many times, yet always stay in place, waiting for the times when we must be of help and support. I especially love
"Your care
Became my life
My only child
My one big prayer"
Wow. And the closing lines of your second poem. Yes, you are walking a hard path on a long journey which holds many losses. And yet, the triumph is, you still walk. With such deep grace.