Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 Poetry Pantry #222/ What Do Women and Young Back Men Have in Common

What Do Women and Young Black Men Have in Common

as a woman                            we know                                 how to dress
                                                                                                what to wear
                                                don’t go out alone                 after dark

our actions                             matter                                   

we are the prey

we are hunted                       everyday

she made me do it

she wanted it

she has a smart mouth

look how she dressed

now it is true                                     for young black men          too

maybe it always                    was

the rules are the                   same                                                                                                              
they have a quota                             it seems                      fill the prisons

throw down the                    weed               hell                  just shoot them in the street

keep them in                                     line                                          they get uppity


October 13, 2014

Note:  They pass new laws everyday, to keep women down, in their place.   Your Mother told you, keep quiet, keep your head down, don't draw attention to yourself, be careful how you dress, don't go out alone, especially at night….I think black Mother's tell their sons the same thing.  It seems everyday, we read of police killing young black men, for no reason at all….they are so afraid, those lilly livered white police officers.  They have to do it, they have to keep the peace.


Sumana Roy said...

oppression & I was reading your lines specially about the women I thought you were speaking about my everywhere it is like this...

Kim Nelson said...

How directly you draw the lines. Sadly accurate, Annell.

Claudia said...

it is so very sad how sometimes people are put in drawers and how much we cling to stereotypes - well penned annell

Mary said...

Wow, Annell --this is one powerful statement, written with meaningful passion. Takes my breath away with its truth.

Anonymous said...

I was sure I left a comment here, yesterday. Can't tell you how much I like this new form you are using. It makes the mind move with the words. Wonderful match,


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Timely topic, Annell, so much police brutality, it must make it hard for the more caring policemen. It is happening more often in Canada now, than it used to.

Brian Miller said...

very cool scatter form to this...
and sadly true in many ways...