Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014 Magpie Tales/ The Blue Jay

The Blue Jay

the mirror reflected the                                                     scene

all was quiet in the                                                               in the studio

suddenly                                a loud crash

i went to the window                                                there you lay

dressed                                              in blue

of                                             the jay family

i could see                                          you breath                 the beat of your heart

kick your legs                                                 move your tail

you were joined by               two                               companions

perched on the back of the chair                                        they talked to you

pleaded for you to get up                                                    then dropped down beside you 
walked around you with concern    still pleading

get up get up

i grabbed a towel 

                                                                                    i cushioned you there

placed you out of the sun
i couldn’t help but watch                                                     hopeful you would be ok

at last you hobbled away                                         left the courtyard

now you have                                                                        gone away

the courtyard                                     is empty….

i wonder                                 did you live through the night        or where the injuries too great                                                      

wild things                             have few choices                                                                   get better or


October 14, 2014


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh how I could see that scene, which you painted so clearly. A bird - a rather large one - hit my window yesterday too, but flew off, thankfully. He hit so hard I was worried. Your closing lines are powerful: "Wild things have few choices/get better or die".

i b arora said...

quite imaginative

kaykuala said...

One wonders how wild life look after themselves. Looking after a caged bird a pet dog or cat can create lots of problems just to ensure they survive . But survival on their own they do naturally. Wonderful take on your verse annelle! You captured the essence of their survival!


Karen S. said...

I find myself reading between the lines, of this lovely magpie. Clever and interesting.

Tess Kincaid said...

I like the subtle way this connects to the prompt...always nice to see you at Magpie!