Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 19, 2014 The Sunday Whirl/I May be Crazy but It Keeps Me From Going Insane

I May be Crazy but It Keeps Me From Going Insane

a seer                   and                            a seeker                                          I am

 find my way                                                    a path between the sage

shrinking from                                                                        reaching fingers

follow footsteps                                     in the                                          hot sand

the sun shines daily                                      exception                               rain

childhood in the shadow                                     knows no                                laughter

hidden                                                                                      in full light of day

adults remain                         prisoners to secret                                                

 deeds of others                                   

a knot               tied                 bound                                   martyr/ victim/ predator

the human spirit                    made of steel                       hard as a diamonds

through adversity                                           grows                or goes               


October 18, 2014

Note:  Title, from Waylon Jennings’ song. 


  1. "Through adversity grows....or goes crazy". Yes! LOVE this poem!!!!!!

    1. Those are really about the only two choices we have (unfortunately). How I wish there were a third option!

  2. Oh, Annell, you have spoken the truth. I do think we humans have choices as to what to do with adversity. I like the idea that you have to grow or go crazy. I often heard that it will either kill you or make you stronger.

  3. Brilliant tittle...i think growth definitely applies to you...although sometimes we do indeed need to go a little crazy to stay sane (ish) ;)

  4. Love it very much, Annell! Your new style helps to reflect the scattering thoughts and emotions. xx

  5. Great title and first line. Grows or goes - maybe a little of both.

  6. Annell, I am not sure if I am growing or going crazy, maybe both. Nice poem.

    Pamela ox

  7. Suffering comes to us all. It is what we do with it that matters.

  8. Going crazy can sometimes help us to grow. Well written, and again, this style or form really sets the poem apart and allows the reader that feeling of scattered, maybe even tattered thoughts,


  9. ha. still loving the many little lines that run together and add their own bit of meaning...i think i might be a little crazy as well...but that is not a bad thing at all...smiles.

  10. Love the layout of this great poem. It suits it. Also reading it down the lines. makes for an interesting Dada poem too.