Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014 dVerse/All is Blue

 All is Blue

my world                    blue                            all is a  distant           blue

the memory of you               blue                taos mountain                       blue

the clear sky of new mexico             a very special             blue                all birds                      blue
my siren song                        blue                sung in the key of                             blue

weeping                     tears run down my cheeks                         blue               

my hankie                  blue                my days without you                                    blue
all words in the dictionary               blue                all that i see is                       blue

my heart beats          blue                                        bleeds                         blue

i          am blue


  1. Somehow, as you describe your mood, your world, I get more insight into the birth of the Blues, & begin to see why I dig that musical/poetic form so much, & hate barbershop quartets even more. I always enjoy pursuing your words all over the page, like perusing an abstract painting; always more there with a second look.

  2. And hey, what a thrill to be FIRST in what will be a long queue of amazed & adoring fans.

  3. you know.. it's good to sing the blue/s when we're sad as i think it helps a lot to express our feelings... hope that you get some color back into your world soon annell...

  4. we have to be honest with our feelings...if we are not then we live in a fiary tale...and eventually that all falls apart on us...and we are worse off for not living through those blues....

  5. I understand, Annell. You have to express your feelings as they are rather than pretending everything feels okay. I totally respect honesty in poems, and that is the kind of poem that most resonates me. Your realness shines through, Annell, always. And you have reason to be blue right now on your journey. I SO respect that.

  6. This is both a poignant and beautiful poem, Annell. It is not surprising that you should see your world as blue. My brother died ten years ago and parts of me is still blue even if the pain is far less acute.

  7. I've been in a place like this, although perhaps not for the same reason. I love your form, which really added to the poem for me.


  8. So original - and very effective. A thought-provoking piece for me.

  9. It's such a difficult space when all the warmth is gone and what is left is an utterly painful existence...the poem reveals life's monochrome tapestry which is so unbearable sometimes...

  10. A world colored blue.......Taos Mountain being blue reminds me of the hills surround my town when I was a small child and how I called them "the big blue hills".