Friday, October 31, 2014

October 31, 2014 Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads - Fireblossom Friday/Spooky Things--Poetry Jam/Broken

Something Spooky

life is full of spooky things                           some we share          some unique

perhaps spooky things are the seeds of worry                 what keeps us up at night

 we worry about others                                about ourselves

safety                                                  health                         money

aging                                                   loneliness                               longing

tomorrow                                           yesterday                              

right now at this moment                                                                we are ok

perhaps the big thing is after all                                         death

something we can’t really wrap our heads around                      we can deny it

we can pretend it won’t happen                             not today

or... we could invite her in                            welcome her             

set a place at the table for her                                            honor her

she relieves suffering                                   she is the doorway

while we find her a bit spooky                                she is the final answer

October 31, 2014
Happy Halloween



i always liked broken things                        painted orange         

something waiting for me                                        longing to be loved

caressed                     cherished                   repaired

these things were mine                                            had my name on them

to me more beautiful than the perfect                   they wore their history

And now the collection of broken things                            lingers

the little Chinese terracotta tea pot                                    with broken lid

the large blue and white platter      marked Granada      purchased in a thrift shop

cracked and mended                                                prized possession

my own broken heart                                               barely beating in my chest

with tender care       one day it will heal               stronger than ever

wear it’s scars                        show where it’s been           hold you tenderly

                                                embrace the world

October 31, 2014




Magaly Guerrero said...

Indeed, Spooky loses her awful when we get to know her a bit.

Sumana Roy said...

"something waiting for me longing to be loved

caressed cherished repaired"...this is a beautiful thought that often gives us the impetus to carry on and also speaks of a wonderful heart as your 'spooky' poem too :)

Justin Lamb said...

In the first poem, it is true that all of those worries in life can be spooky but I think that a person has a choice: to worry or face the challenges with joy. Those things --health, loneliness, money, etc.-- are all part of the human condition. I'm not saying that those things aren't difficult but they are inevitable; might as well find joy in the struggles, right?

Kate Mia said...

Ahh.. the details of life of worries or blessings.. the dark and light details add up to the equation of happy or that other place.. that no one wants to live.. but sometimes unwittingly through wit.. chooses to stay....

The greatest thing about creativity.. i think.. no i do not think.. i know.. is the tapestry flows.. when one lets all the details go.. tapestry flows in synchronistic harmony.. a mystical beauty beyond all form.. of essence of is.. all that body..mind..heart.. soul..spirit.. and once again..beyond with all that is..:)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Death is the spookiest of all, yet I love what you say about setting a place at the table for we age, she becomes a transition towards reunion with those we have lost and maybe a bit less frightening. I love your broken things poem - especially your heart, broken, mending, healing. Beautiful.

Grace said...

Death is the final answer, after all ~

And I really like the mended broken heart ~ Lovely response ~

Susie Clevenger said...

Death is a spooky thing, but each day we draw closer to it. I love your broken things poem...There are so many memories in broken things...even a heart seeking to mend.

Jae Rose said...

I like the a pumpkin to be repaired...i like that we should invite death in..she will of course be there for all of us one day..and maybe so..she can bring end to suffering..when the time is right x

Stacy Lynn Mar said...

loved this spooky poem. what an interesting layout, i read it several times.

Carrie Van Horn said...

I love the progression in this a lovely wise closure.

Mary said...

There really is beauty in broken things! Sometimes I think that at least with broken things it is known that they are loved....because they were used. Unused things never break.

Fireblossom said...

Thanks for your meditation on the meaning of death, and for being part of Fireblossom Friday! future, please link to the specific post you are linking up, not just to your blog's main page. Thanks. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree that we should welcome her to our table. So much is lost, these days, pretending we can wish her away. She will come for us all... ~