Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Octover 21, 2014 dVerse/ The News

The News

i hear the news                     all about isis

                        and ebola
                                                                                    a nasty bug 
                                                                        that will kill you before you know it

i think someone is trying to make me afraid                     be very afraid

the weather has been sunny                       overcast today 
winter in on the way

some say it will be a very bad season
                        worst than last year

others say      not so much               perhaps mild

climate is changing
so much confusion

midterm elections are here             no one knows which way it will go for sure

seems most people are mad                        at the president
                                                                        and the congress too                        both parties

and the usual protests                     and killings                robberies and rapes

                                                  same old pabulum

maybe there really isn’t any news              seems like we have heard it all before

October 21, 2014


  1. I absolutely loved the way you ended your poem on such a brilliant note - very impressive.

  2. I wrote on someone elses page that if I had to watch the news all day I would go crazy...so much of it is so negative...it would make you afraid to leave the house...and we should not be ruled by such fear.

  3. Actually a lot of things are just becoming better.. but news are all negative so we end up thinking it will go to hell, and then when it doesn't we sit there and cannot care less.. love the conclusion..

  4. Annell, it does seem that after a while the news does sound very similar to what we have heard before. The names change, the situations change somewhat, but much is the same. I do agree with the initial part of your poem in which you comment that probably someone is trying to make you afraid. It does seem that so much news inspires fear, and sometimes I wonder what's with that?

  5. A wonderful lovely rambling poem, chasing the words all over the page (something I picked up too from Brian last year), like chasing the truth, which can be so very elusive. I wonder if someone graphed the news items for a month, how much of the same vein, feel, & subject would be repeated?

  6. Your news bit sounds like its also happening in my country, smiles ~ Yes, all the same, just different names & faces ~ I admire the words scattered across the page ~

  7. I like how the poem is a bit like rain - you can follow multiple paths down

  8. "maybe there really isn’t any news seems like we have heard it all before" you have hit at the right point...

  9. Yes, it seems like the "same old pabulum"...you and i took a similar path on this!

  10. There is truly "nothing new under the sun" as King Solomon wrote. The hard part, for me, is that I don't want to become numb and uncaring but it's hard when the cycle pain and suffering caused by fellow humans just keeps spinning around and around and around and around...

  11. Yes!!!!! It confounds me, how it goes on and on, all the Talking Heads repeating the chorus while nobody acts. As if talking will do it all. I like your new presentation, Annell...............it flows across the page quite wonderfully.......each phrase stands out on its own. I like it.