Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 Writers Digest PAD Challenge April 2015/ A Confession Poem

A Confession Poem

this is something i've never told anyone                       but first let me tell you

about the mornings                              the air is cold and crisp

the sky over New Mexico              a clear blue                      like your eyes

i look out & i am reminded of you                the heart inside my breast shrivels

i am waiting                       for what you ask                        that i cannot say

for i know you will not return                         perhaps it is for a sign of some kind

still i am waiting                                           it has been nearly twenty years now

like the french lieutenant's woman                              a lonely figure looking to sea

instead                               a lonely figure on the mesa looking to the desert

each day almost the mirror image of the day before                       up early

coffee hot with steam circling the cup                                             out to the studio

where i am met by the work of yesterday                               i am still in close circuit

with the work                i have no idea where i am going            but likely i will remain

in the very same place at the end of the week                month                       year

waiting is not something i like to do                            yet it seems to be demanded

a part of what i do               must do                                           a part of the discipline

i grow old standing in one place yet i count           the hours                         the days

April 13, 2015


humbird said...

Strength - not in physical force, but in how you can keep aligned with your purpose, work. ...yes, discipline... ~ my respect and love to you, Annell ~ thank you for sharing your confessional poem....

Sherry Blue Sky said...

How I resonate with "I grow old standing in one place yet I count the hours the days." WOW! I love this one, Annell!