Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 16, 2015 Sunday's Wirligig/Butterflies and Honey Suckle /Poets United Poetry Pantry #249

Butterflies and Honey Suckle

i travel the shady side of the street          a stain across my chest

lace peaks out of my sleeves                          covers my hands

my dress diaphanous                     the hem drags behind me

my body ink stained             the words can be read 

through my clothes                                every secret of my life

scribbled upon my skin                   the weather hard to predict          

and changes often                                nothing stays the same...           

without you              empty              i put a clip on the dark clouds          

make way for a little sunshine     often the weather is as dissonant

as my mood                             i search my purse for a reminder                

a handwritten note        folded carefully             the day iridescent              

the air filled with the sweet scent of honey suckle and butterflies                 

the future is not  clear               instead mottled...often blue

April 25, 2015


  1. We all have those dark moody days, but nothing beats the sight of butterflies and the scent of honey suckle!

  2. Love how "the words can be read through your clothes/ every secret of your life/ scribbled on your skin." Fantastic, Annell. So many who try to write, stop because they realize how much of their person must be revealed in order to continue. And yet, we do even when the future is a mottled blue. Wonderful writing, my friend...


  3. The weather as dissonant as one's mood - I like that comparison. Nothing stays the same in life or with the weather. But we have to keep the hope.

  4. I really like this... the hem of the dress dragging is such a visual image of the blues.. there is a slowness here that I really like... the mottled blue future is such a strong image.

  5. Very lovely Annell - looks easy, but very hard to do - I'm with Bjorn - some real counterpointed jewels here.. For me, it's the best thing you've done (that I've read so far... ) Great! my overall fave of the night so far... And I'm nearly done!! With Best Wishes Scott

  6. "every secret of my life/scribbled upon my skin"----wow! That is poignant and powerful!

  7. your poetry is not only beautiful... but unique and creative too.

  8. "i put a clip on the dark clouds / make way for a little sunshine"...the only way to live this life till the end...

  9. I love the idea of life being ink upon our skin.

  10. the words that can be read through the clothes hit me most here... an open book to those who care to walk this world with open eyes