Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Writers Digest April 7, 2015/ What is This Thing Called Love

What is This Thing Called Love

how to talk about this thing called loved                        the eyes dilate

it is hard to breath.....no wait                            i think i am talking about attraction

and love is something else               but what is it                           i think

it is something like a stew              takes a long time to cook        is only ready after a long period

slow heat             flavors mingle in the pot                respect grows each day    and trust

love it not about outward appearances                though I have always loved the way you looked

the person takes a step                     into your heart                        a flag is raised

territory is claimed           perhaps love is claimed         something given & something taken

that will be proved over a period of time                                        when love is young

no one can tell         is it true                   will it last                                 will it grow

love is a lot like liquor                 put into a barrel           the proof is in the tasting            

it takes time                                            there is no rushing the process

April 7, 2015


Anonymous said...

Oh, I like this one, Annell, especially the lines about the stew and the slow heat building. Funny thing, I also wrote about love today and it wasn't to a prompt. We are on a wavelength and that pleases me,


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so love "the person takes a step into your heart." Beautiful, Annell. This is exactly the way love grows.