Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Writers Digest PAD Challenge / I Am an Artist

I Am an Artist

and you say             how do you know        i show myself by my actions

oh it has been a lifetime          i have pursued this career       i go to the studio everyday

in the studio                 i go to work            i am a painter                         i paint

at the end of the day my station is left in order                no time is wasted in preparation

my brushes are ready           in the morning         i may spend time at the computer writing

then i paint              at lunch time i take a break                            the sun is high in the sky

then back to the studio to paint                               my life is spent thinking about color

looking at color                                analyzing color                                 speaking to color

i cup my hand to my ear i listen                                           i try to hear what color tells me

i ask the question          what if            color answers          do not be afraid              use me

i show you my work            i lay all that i am before you       the work comes from my heart

it is honest               i hope to speak to your heart                                & you will hear me

i await your answer...

April 21, 2015

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes, our art comes from the deepest part of me. I so admire your dedication to your art, Annell. My days are much like yours, spent at my desk till my rear takes the shape of my desk chair, LOL.......but this is happiness, to be using one's gifts.