Friday, April 17, 2015

Writers Digest PAD Challenge/ The Swing My Daddy Made

The Swing My Daddy Made

i am reminded of a childhood swing                   daddy tried the limbs of several trees

before he found           the just right one                         out by the old hen house

& with each swing             the branch would give a little            adding to the thrill

of the ride                                               every child should have a swing of his own

the back and forth            cutting through the air                 swinging higher each time

a homemade swing                 tied into a tree seems so much better than

the swings at the park                the clink clink of the chains          stiff and unyielding

alone in the swing               hours slip by                     childhood slips by

now childhood is only a memory               & it is there i still find the swing my daddy made

April 17, 2015


blogoratti said...

How nostalgic...I am sure you have fond memories!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

What a beautiful memory. I especially love the closing - that you can still find that swing in memory.