Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Writers Digest PAD Challenge/Honest


what is it to be honest          to tell it like it is...for you               your truth

it is the only way to write          the only way to be                 get down and dirty

get the grim in your knuckles       reaching for the truth       each moment of each day

the bell rings clear                it is in every aspect of my life                 work and play

when i say               how are you              yes                            i really want to know

when i tell you i've messed things up                           that is exactly what i have done

is it dishonest                                when we do things by mistake

perhaps the brain is going soft                        & soon we will be led around by a nurse

but not today                  i still make choices                          but maybe more mistakes

there will be a day                            i can give up responsibility for mistakes

but until then              i will still have to explain as best i can             my honest mistakes

April 14, 2015


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love "get the grim in your knuckles". Good poem, Annell. I resonate with the gradual decline of brain-power, but thank God, for today we're still creating!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is so beautiful.... it provoked my thought process :)
Loved it!

blogoratti said...

Sigh...the honest mistakes we've all made.