Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015 Writers Digest PAD Challenge/Something to Keep

Something to Keep

when all is said and done          does it matter                 i sit before you

new snow on the mountain                 the sun already high in the blue sky

you say                    i am a scientist                              energy always is

you remind me                                              one can not destroy energy

but you say              i wish we would get a sign                  maybe we do

when the sun shines                        when there is lightening during a storm

perhaps each day         i can see your energy          when the wind moves the wind chimes


something remains                something is                       and will always be

like two young girls                       we hug              and hug again

it will be the last time in this place                     but we will keep something in memory

April 28, 2015

Note: For my friend, Katherine.

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh Annell, so beautiful - I love the idea that you receive a sign when the wind moves the wind chimes........and the last hug in this place....but something remains. Yes. Your words resonate in my heart.