Friday, April 3, 2015

Writer's Digest/The Secret

Day 2 the PAD Challenge April 2015

The Secret

a secret is like a tiny shell lying on the beach       waiting to be found

perfect in its' form&color      when you live at the beach shells are common

but in the desert       shells are hard to come by       valuable & rare

one time i received a gift       of a very large oyster shell

found on the top of a mesa in the desert       often as i look out over the landscape

i can imagine a time          when water covered more of the earth

the desert landscape a sea        the earth & its' atmosphere were very different

it is no secret today        again the earth is changing       drought will be permeant

in the southwest       yesterday for the first time       the governor of california

limited the use of water       the northeast will see more snow storms

can we make the changes needed        or is the secret       that it is too late

April 2, 2015

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soulsmusic said...

Sorry, been busy with more problems. I like this drifting reflection that moves from the seashore to the desert. Lots of wonderful imagery and you underline it all with the secret you kept until the end, like a seashell one must put close to the ear to hear its message.