Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Writer's Digest/Forget About Me --Poets United/ Midweek Motif/ Healing and Recovery

Forget About Me

sitting beside the road      dust flies into the air                          cars rush by

to forget your unkind words       that is the challenge       still i continue to hear them

as if whispered into my ear                                                see your face contorted

the snapping                              spitting                             of each word

the anger displayed             still i made no response          i removed myself

to other climes                     quiet meadows                       a gentle horse

with shiny coat               nuzzled my shoulder                   sun shines

it is warm in that meadow       from where does that anger come         it amazes me

that people behave in a manner unseen before                      not in my family

yet it is my family          who behaves in that manner               how to forget

wipe the windows of the bus clean                       it is as if we are all drowning at sea

i cannot save you              i cannot save myself                 you float away from me

soon i no longer see you        still there is something lost          alone beside the road

September 30, 2015

Healing and Recovery

after a while                          i could see again                            could feel again

still the pain lingers              is it illness or                                  disappointment

pain or grief                          so hard to tell                                 one from the other

the damage was done            no one knows when sometimes     there are no answers

maya says       we won't remember the words spoken but     we know how they made us feel

perhaps it is feelings             that get sick                                    the body follows

fill the old kit bag                  off to war                                  we can't always be sure

how it happened         or how to make the patient well          healing can happen over time

sometimes not           a cold compress helps               take an aspirin call me in the morning

September 30, 2015


X said...

Perhaps it is feelings that get sick and we follow - that is a rather profound thought annell. As we are often guided by our feelings. Its hard too when you don't have symptoms physically, but still you feel it.

Mary said...

Just excellent, Annell. I have someone lash out at me unexpectedly as well, and it really shakes a person up when it happens out of the blue. Scary really, and so true that we won't remember the words spoken but we will remember how we feel. How to get to to forget. I remember again now as I read your poem. I have forgiven for my own sake, but I don't think I can really forget.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

So true.. words once spoken tend to leave a mark on the soul.. hence taking longer to heal. Beautifully executed.

Lots of love,

Susan said...

Truth! How inadequate it seems to be prescribed aspirin when the wound is a matter of the spirit--disappointment and pain and grief can each wound deeply. I remember being so sick after my Grandmother died that I needed two weeks to recover enough to return to teaching. 3 Days only are allowed by the school district, but what could I do? And even recovered, I feel the loss as if a harsh and unfair word that resounds and resounds. Your poem is very moving.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

These are both so well expressed, Annell.....I do the same, when someone is behaving angrily or irrationally. I remove myself to a calm place, and observe. It is hard to fathom where such outbursts come from. I love the horse nuzzling your shoulder, right when you needed it. Even if just in reverie, it feels comforting and beautiful.

Sumana Roy said...

words lacerate and words heal in this strange world..." no one knows when sometimes there are no answers"...could feel these words deeply....

Gillena Cox said...

Oh the credibility bof this poem! Words can wound do deeply Annell the journey of pain and healing is very vivid

Much love...

Jae Rose said...

I love that last line Annell - Maya would too - Each poem conveys a resilience and wisdom but in different ways.. sometimes it is best to rise above words...escape to a better place..anything said in return is likely not to be heard anyway...although i hope you will always be seen..on the side of the road or wherever...

Hannah said...

The opening portion speaks to me...that anger can be surprising. Thoughtful work, annell.

G L Meisner said...

Sometimes "Take two of these" is the best medicine we've got.

Leslie Moon said...

I remember when an aspirin was an answer to everything - now it's Oxycodone.
Ill stick with the compress and the aspirin

scotthastiepoet said...

So well conjured, as ever Annell - your writing is that of a true artist - forever poking away at the truth of life... Glad to be reading you again... With Best Wishes Scott