Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 31, 2015 The Sunday Whirl/ The Body -- Sunday's Whirligig/Missing You -- Poetry United Poets Pantry

The Body

the body       the keeper of all that we know             thoughts

memories     words stacked in little boxes          scratched on stones

hardened by fire      envelopes tied                     with blue ribbons

your name is there      feelings flow through veins       injuries weep

bleeding onto the pavement       a dusty chamber              blue

the heart beats            a search is made              a vessel waiting

October 31, 2015


Missing You

house of glass                             wrinkled                               withered

transparent contents                     exposed                               secrets revealed

the sun shining                       the sound of a gong                 shadows dappled

wounds salted                    calmness in minutes after              jar falls from the shelf

rice scatters across the floor     plums spinning into corners      the hours that follow difficult

all is quiet                             the waiting begins                         words muttered

November 1, 2015


  1. You have expressed the feeling of 'missing' so very's all of those little details that add up to a good poem!

  2. Our body does indeed tell our a patch work...when we feel vulnerable our bodies can feel like an open raw jar for all the world to see xo (or not - which hurts the most maybe?)

  3. This is the one weekend when that sense of loss, the loneliness is felt he most. That sound of the gong is almost like a call... bringing you back to the living side of the veil.

  4. the ending hangs my mind in the air,
    very sharp sentences.

  5. I felt the strong pull of 'missing' here...the grief in their being gone that travels so deep inside.

  6. "Injuries weep...the search made....a waiting vessel"......wonderfully apt description of our bodies as keepers of memory. In the second poem the phrases "transparent contents revealed....secrets exposed" seem significant to the jar dropping, the rice scattering.....

  7. your name is there
    feelings flow through veins
    injuries weep
    bleeding onto the pavement

    Such strong & emotive write.
    Beautifully executed

  8. The poem "missing" is so intense that it gave me gooseflesh. The pangs of missing are so well described. Loved both the poems.

  9. "Words muttered' even though they are not there and you feel incomplete. I know that feeling well.

  10. Your words evoke images of getting bad medical news, of struggling with brokenness and death - strong images of pain and managing anyway.

  11. This is a very interesting way to write a poem. I may attempt something like this some time. I could read it in different ways and get similar but different stories from each read through. Very interesting.