Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 4, 2015 Sunday's Whirligig/Polly's Pocket--The Sunday Whirl/ The Broken Nexus and the Nautilus Shell--Poets United Poets Pantry

Polly's Pocket

fragments                               bits and pieces                             thoughts

memory                                  dreams                                        words unspoken

in your eye                             i see the eye of the universe        the eye sees me

light of the world                   a lifetime disappears                    still fragments remain

i check my watch                   look at the clock on the wall        your touch erotic

darkness approaches              count my change                          something missing

a tisket /a tasket                     yellow leaves in the corner          summer is gone...

was there a theft                     misplaced                                     or was it simply lost
October 3, 2015


The Broken Nexus and the Nautilus Shell

i hear your voice                tender                                        sweet

soft                                       carried by the wind                 through the window

suddenly                             there is a change                      threats

insults                                  list of resentments                  press my face against the glass

who is speaking                 are you still the one                 the alternate beat of my heart

has someone new              come to live in you                  i call your name

my words lost in the wind                         spinning free in the cosmos

the nexus between us lost     i flush your unkind words       from my thoughts

unpredictable                     nothing to count on                everything changes

i stand alone                       nothing left                                maybe i never knew you
October 4, 2015


X said...

time seems to trip on faster and faster. makes Mr wonder if perhaps someone is thieving it.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Often it is that the people we know change so much that we wonder if we ever really knew them. Well penned.

Lots of love,

X said...

How odd it is as well when someone we thought we knew, becomes someone else. Especially one close enough to be the alternate beat of your heart. Hopefully if that is the case, making up after will be special.

brudberg said...

I think many times that people doesn't change, it's more like peeling an onion, and finding there is rot inside.. we just have to give up in some cases.

Mary said...

1st poem: Oh yes, I do wonder as I look back where summer has gone. Darkness approaches all too quickly nowadays. 2nd poem: This poem has a realness to it. Seems that people change sometimes. They have the same name, but everything changes...and you look at them and think: Who are you?

Leslie Moon said...

wow the contrast between the two. Your first reminiscent of a child wanting to hold onto something - pockets work. The second way to close to what is happening in our world where people have lost their marbles and will run right over us in an attempt to find them.

R.K. Garon said...

Wonderful !

Sherry Blue Sky said...

In your second poem, you have expressed EXACTLY how I felt one someone beloved suddenly began saying words that were like another language to me. How I wondered, too, if someone else had come to live inside her, someone I never knew. How heartsick I was, stunned and bewildered. Excellent writing. The poignancy of that sweet remembered voice on the wind....... I love the first poem too, the yellow leaves in the corner...summer gone or maybe stolen.

Susan said...

When the angel falls, the devil has room. What a perfect description of the separation and spiraling apart as something foreign enters one we had come to depend on. Wow!

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

It is hard to imagine someone we thought was so special speaking to us in ways we cannot even is as if we never really knew them...really fabulous both pieces.

flaubert said...

Love, love the first poem, Annell. Hope all is well with you.

Pamela ox

Old Egg said...

Certainly we never truly know another person. Each of us is an island, and there is always another side, which is not the same as the part that beckoned us in the first place. Both you pieces are about loss; sadly we have to come to grips that we must live with that some time in our lives.

Sumana Roy said...

change in Nature and in humans...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Both pieces about change, different types, different responses. I think we humans, no matter what we say, have difficulty accepting the changes that come our way. Some wonderful imagery here, Annell,


Jae Rose said...

A tisket a tasket - such a wonderful phrase..the poems as always compliment each other..i could feel that pane of glass on the forehead...the only way to soothe a change of voice...harsh as the change in seasons...i suppose we never someone else completely - beautifully woven as ever xo

G L Meisner said...

The first was really strong for me.

Gillena Cox said...

Luv the concluding thought of the second one

Monday WRites
Much love...