Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 31, 2016 dVerse/ The Silly Little Poem

Silly Little Poem

the queen of hearts         she made cream tarts             all on a winter's day

the british solider           rode his one legged horse         on the road beside the bay

the gulls they sung         and flew around                 their numbers to many to count

the phone it rang             and rang                                   some more

in celebration                  of of the day                             the clown

collected snow white shells  and put them into his bag   then tumbled into the sea

the little girl                    with the turban                          wrapped around her head

laughed with the dog       in the middle of may                 the cat with the fiddle

stood up on his hind legs   spread his paws                       showed his claws

and like tom thumb         he said                                        what a good boy am i

March 25, 2016


  1. LOL. I got such a kick out of this, kiddo. Yes, some silliness is most welcome!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, sometimes we can share the silliness, what a refief.

  2. Delightful read :)

    Lots of love,

  3. This made me smile, Annell. Sometimes it is nice to read a 'silly little poem.'

  4. I love the way this feels as if it is a flip card book turning silhouette and abstraction theater...flicker carousel and you get to be in the middle of the gas house while images are flung about the walls in a spun serenade, what fun indeed this is to read...

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful reply!

  5. How fun to read and I see you were very creative with the nursery tales ~

  6. Silliness also is a part of our action.Nice.

  7. SMiLes.. mY friend..
    greaTest truths and
    liGhts ofTen come from
    the greATest rAndom
    silliness of aLL that
    can only mean
    one thing
    and thaT iS
    SiLLy and
    RAndom can
    be the best oF aLL..:)