Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 13, 2016 The Sunday Whirl #242/ Spring Moment -- Sunday's Whirl/Gathering Echoes -- Poets United

Spring Moment

listen to the words     full of dreams     transform the moment

by naming     flowers take on new meanings      become more than objects

the fruit trees are in full bloom      pink is everywhere      spring the most

unpredictable time of year      one minute hot      the extra little left-over snow storm

winter lingers      all seems       fresh and new

listen to the words     let them tell you who they are      teach a flower to talk

ease into the present moment      leave yesterday where it is      feed and water your garden

the sun shines      spring is here      new green at last

March 13, 2016

Note: It all seems so sudden. Yesterday, a heavy snow storm as I left Santa Fe, then it cleared and the fruit trees in Espanola Valley were in full bloom. No ,winter in it's last fury, can not stop the spring. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Gathering Echoes

i have been blind     without sight     i feel for my crown

still in place    a gift given to me     i look into the mirror

i am reminded of the mirrors      at the carnival      i am distorted

still it is me     the queen of hearts      i have grown older

my face has the softness of age    i set my snare

in hopes of catching something     a lonely heart perhaps      a scent

a track      i follow the trail    always alert

often i return     my sack empty      my body bent

from the weight of age     folded like a letter     slipped into an envelope

...or coffin    whichever suits   the skies are empty

no birds in sight    i step over shades & shadows    gather echoes

March 13, 2016     


Blogoratti said...

Great and delightful read. Spring is upon us and it sure is something to look forward to. Greetings!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

flowers take on new meanings
become more than objects the fruit trees are in full bloom pink is everywhere
spring the most unpredictable time of year

Beautiful lines :D
Lots of love,

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Hmmmm....I dont know why your site is doing this......something must have been clicked by accident on your draft page template????? These glitches befuddle me, too. I would try going in to edit, highlighting the entire post, then click up top on the right hand side the Remove Formatting icon. Then you should be able to reformat it as you wish. Hopefully.

I love "listen to the words....let them tell you who they are". And your beautiful description of the sudden arrival of spring.

In the second poem, I adore "I step over shades and shadows...gather echoes...."

C.C. said...

The thought of sitting to 'gather echoes' is a compelling concept....there are so many different, interesting places that this takes the imagination.

brudberg said...

A little bit hard to read... something has happened with the formatting... nevertheless the image of snow as flowers is great... here the snow is gone, so we are waiting for flowers.

Mary said...

Ah, the second one definitely has a ring of sadness to it...not the happiest picture of aging!

Anonymous said...

The first one is a joyful celebration, but is balanced by the sadness and yearning in the second one. Your weaving of words makes for a deepening introspective read.


Jae Rose said...

The softness of age..the crown of wisdom..and the flower of a beautiful soul xo

R.K. Garon said...

I'm sure your art/heart is a better snare :-)

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