Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 23, 2016 Poets United Midweek Motif - Resilience/ Life is Not Easy

Life Is Not Easy

who is to say        who will get up again            who will not

you are hit                  knocked down                 out of the game

and yet you rise again    i have seen fights like that      one just wishes

the fighter would stay down       for the count        let it be over

but no...                      he rises staggers to his feet

the fight continues             life is like that                  sometimes

you are tripped up         knocked down                    knocked out

the possum whispers         just stay down                it will all be over soon

in the other ear                                the coyote yells

get up                         get going                              it is not over

the human spirit is resilient       like the coyote              life isn't easy

was never meant to be        what is it all about      perhaps we need what is hard

to recognize what is easy         to know happiness       to know what is precious

June 23, 2016

Note:  At first I selected the "raven" as the voice to say, "stay down, play dead"....then realized that I made  a  mistake by choosing the "raven," and should have chosen the "possum", who is more likely to fall down, and stay down, playing dead as his means of survival.  So I have changed the "raven" to be the "possum."  


Susan said...

Oh yes, we need both the coyote and the raven. Powerfully done!

Sumana Roy said... is not over...much power is here...

Gillena Cox said...

The yin and yang features strongly in your poem today, Annell

Much love...

purba chakraborty said...

Yes...the human spirit is resilient.
This poem is so inspiring. Loved it :)

Curtney Bloomberg Ferguson Blasio Yaros said...

well done story.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I liked the appearance of the possum in this poem. Smiles. This is a wonderful poem of resilience and heaven knows we need to be......

Jae Rose said...

Playing possum is under-rated - sometimes it is the smart move..we can all get up again and keep fighting the same fight but there's something to be said for being still and evaluating just what we are fighting for

C.C. said...

I think it works really well with the imagery of the possum and the coyote. It's reminiscent of Aesop's Fables type stories and I love those :-)