Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2026 The Sunday Whirl Wordle #253/ Time Passes -- Sunday's Whirligig #62 -- Poets United

Time Passes

time passes        with age i soften              so many times i have said...

oh, i couldn't stand this... or that      time passes            things happen

the child pouts    stomps away petulantly       as i am no longer a child

that is not an option      i take a stand                  hold firm

dig my toes into the sand                          each wave washes over me

unsteadies me             i feel each grain of sand                      alive

washed from under my feet       as the wave rolls back to sea        i get ready

                                                                                                for the next wave

as the wave reaches me                      i jump into the air laughing

time passes       my own mournful howls can be heard      no longer soft whispers

my spirit trampled           i am dreadfully lost                        i limp back to shore

holding on to all that is sacred        i glance around                  the world is smaller

the maps must be drawn anew        acquire a compass               locate a light house

a touchstone      a landmark                  the sound of the waves breaking split the air

crash onto shore     the sand is washed from under my feet        as the waves roll back 

                                                                                                                       to sea

time passes                        cover my mouth                                    silence the scream

does it come before or just after     cheeks flushed                         hazel eyes shut tight

these eyes are not my own       but your eyes sleeping now           to wake no more

the rest is deserved                    still                                             letting go is hard for me

the small boy that you were     the young man               the grandfather you will never be

each leaves a scar            a hole that cannot be filled                       no food can satisfy

i am less without you              many months pass                                  i soften with age

June 5, 2016

Note: Tomorrow will be the anniversary of my Son's death. In some ways it seems so long ago, and in others, only yesterday. It was not the last thing to happen, so many things continue to happen for each of us. Life has a way of continuing, ready or not. With each loss, I think I cannot continue to live...yet here I am, celebrating the life of my Son, my Nephew, my Mom and Dad, my Husband, is said, “we cannot know joy without sorrow,” and sorrow comes to every life. It is up to us to know the blessing, even in sorrow.


brudberg said...

I do love how you blend the image of jumping in the waves with your sorrow... surely life is so much both...

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

Annell these losses sometimes feel unbearable. It has taken me almost 20 years to know the blessings in the sorrow of my dad's death. And even when I feel I can touch those blessings, I am knocked by those waves and sent spinning...thank you for this amazing poem.

De said...

I love the way this rolls like those changing waves.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I was right there with you, bobbing in the waves. We are frailer now than we were, and feeling the difficulty in keeping our balance. So many losses, many joys and blessings..............I love what you say about finding the blessing, even in sorrow. But these days, I think we feel the sorrow most.

Gillena Cox said...

Such sadness never leaves, it settles, just like the grains of sand on the shore. I deeply moving write. Thanks for sharing. I do hope with each anniversary of his passing you heart becomes lighter

A blessed Sunday to you Annell

much love...

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I am so sorry for your loss Annell.. sending love and prayers your way.

rear-view-mirror said...

Annell, this is an exquisite piece of work. You portray the reality of grief with vivid detail and incredible accuracy. The true sense of loss is palpable. I feel for you, for me, for all of us. Thank you,


colonialist said...

Very effective. As well as giving images of the sea and of withstanding surging waves, the poem itself has a compelling ebb and flow.

Old Egg said...

Grief is so personal, rarely can it be shared, sometimes we think we cope, at others not. Like the tides grief ebbs and flows but is always with us yet we feel alone...except with the memories.

flaubert said...

First of all, Annell, hugs to you on this anniversary. I am with you in spirit.

Beautifully written piece.


thotpurge said...

An amazing poem that has the force and the delicacy of the waves.. Wish you strength as you celebrate your son's life and come to terms with such personal loss.

Susan said...

This is profound from top to bottom and the note as well. I love the contrast between stamping feet and digging in toes. Yes, we are older and the world seems smaller, yet the sea is still huge and we can still tear up and howl--verbal stamping--until enough time passes. And even then. The waves pulling away the sand is/are the perfect metaphor.

Jae Rose said...

Time does indeed pass and continue - i was heartened by your feet cooled and soothed by the sea - and the laugh - perhaps we feel as bad about laughing as crying which seems sad.. i can't imagine the sense of loss or lost but i know you are you and that seems special..not less - all my love to you and to your son today i am sure he is with you xo

Mary said...

Yes, we have to continue to redraw the maps as life unfolds. Somehow we move on despite losses, even though at the time we didn't know how we ever could. And true we have to soften with age.