Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 25, 2016 dVerse Open Link Night / Grey


today is grey                                      overcast                      rainy

a day without sunshine                    a day in may              a day of grey

a dove is grey                                                calling for morning...mourning...     

a mouse is grey                                             as he sits in the shadows

                                                                                    of the house

many birds are grey                                     sometimes hard to tell apart

grey is the color of my                      true love’s eyes

grey is often the shadow                              of brightly colored things

 songs can be grey

a mood can be grey

a memory can be grey

grey holds everything                                  only holds it a little lighter

Note:  I selected this poem blindly.  I first posted it on May 23, 2014, the day after my Son's last birthday, still alive, but sick.  I was just beginning to know the meaning of my greatest pain.


brudberg said...

Thank you for sharing this annell... as you say it's even darker when read again... the sense of anticipating what was coming... at the same time, often grey is comforting I think... there are so many shades between the almost white to black.

Grace said...

I specially love this part: grey is often the shadow of brightly colored things

A very moving personal share ~

Toni Spencer said...

I do so enjoy this. I especially love: grey holds everything only holds it a little lighter. So very sad.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Things were grey then, about to get much darker, as you lived through your greatest pain. A beautiful and sad poem, Annell. I, too, really like "grey holds everything / only holds it a little lighter."

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Beautifully emotive.. said...

Oh Annelle, I am so very very sorry for your loss.
"Grey holds everything. Only a little lighter." Such a profound statement. And even more profound to look back, after our darkest hour.

Kathy Reed said...

You make it palpable to us...the poem shows strengh in love. :)

Kathy Reed said...

You make it palpable to us...the poem shows strengh in love. :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting, because grey seems to be between darkness and light, and you are going through something so painful. I hope you get to experience light when you write.