Sunday, November 20, 2016

November 20, 2016 the Sunday Whirl #275 -- Sunday's Whirligig #86 -- Poets United Poet's Pantry/ Sing the Old Songs/Remember

Sing the Old Songs/Remember

no it is never easy              but through it all                  we hold on

our voices quake      we sing old familiar songs     we are joyful to meet again

another year has passed      with repetition                      we create a pattern

drop all that we do         meet again/exchange words       share the news

we follow parallel paths      from beginning to end              a call beckons

strike the keys with your lovely fingers      you say            “i still love my life”

yes we are blessed       we have known joy and sorrow       we are not righteous

but we try to be honest             about who we are                where we have been

our needs are primal         our work feeds the desire       it lies flat on the table behind me

waiting                 the clock ticks /strikes the hour time             slides out under the door

gives a plaintive cry          stands and walks away                  there is only so much to give

it has nothing else         when time is gone/it is gone                and cannot be recovered

you sing again               words to the old songs                          fall from your lips

it is a means of remembering      things that happened                   along the way

you smell a scent           the cologne you wore                          the nose remembers

you feel the texture of the cloth      the roughness of your jacket     your fingers remember

the words follow                 still singing you trill                      the last notes of the old songs

November 20, 2016

Note: All but one.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Sing the old songs. I'm ready to hear them.

I really like this part, close to the end:
"the nose remembers
you feel the texture of the cloth the roughness of your jacket your fingers remember"

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Beautifully evocative write, Annell ❤️

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Thank heavens, no matter what, we have our private lives, and our work. Loved this, Annell. Have been sick all week so have been quiet, we must catch up.

Jae Rose said...

I still love my life sounds like a courageous and strong song to hold inside - even better shared.. Love back to you and a quiet, strong song xo

The Real Cie said...

The older I get, the more old songs I know. Sometimes my life starts feeling like a radio station that no-one listens to or remembers. I really liked this poem of yours.

Mary said...

I think listening to the old songs brings back those beloved old we revisit who we were then...and then the other memories triggered, the cologne worn, etc. They all work together, and we remember so much that is good.

brudberg said...

Old songs are like memories... old songs has it's own scent I think... but we each have our own don't we?

Anonymous said...

My life hangs there among the old songs. They comfort me just as you describe. Thanks for this one,


R.K. Garon said...

I believe, one of your best pieces.

signed...bkm said...

Old songs... another year past and we are grateful to be alive. Grateful for what has been and what is still to be...bkm

Sumana Roy said...

we sing our old familiar songs and the tune lingers forever...beautiful Annell...