Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22, 2016 Writer's Digest November PAD Challenge 2016

All That You Were Meant to Be

you share with me your very best      ask me to tear it up        return the tiny pieces

all in the interest of growth         growth is the challenge       and the desire

sometimes it is hard          how to skip from stone to stone     reach a new level

how to see what was there all along     what wasn't seen before      what held us back

often there is resistance      a reluctance to throw away            what was hard won

who says it is so                 who doesn't                                   still it is hard to find one

who will tell you the truth   that elusive thing                          that subjective thing

it is up to you                     to take what you need                       and discard the rest

find your own truth            i am here to help                              look through the glass

describe what i see         knowing there could be pain                 i will try to take care

but make no promises       there can be no detours                   because of hurt feelings

scattered about like potholes      a desire for comfort                        a tender heart

i want for you the very best       all that you can be             all that you were meant to be

November 22, 2016

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layers said...

You always put together the words and phrases that some how turn out to be so thoughtful and beautiful