Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 26, 2016 Writers Digest November Chapbook Challenge 2016/ You Came as a Visitor

You Came as a Visitor

you came as a visitor             as we all are                     to my world

a beautiful boy                      a joy to hold                      straight and tall

a child to all                          didn't stay long                  i should have known

you would always be a visitor      found nowhere to call home          you were my son

the only one                         the child i loved                  an alien to be sure

came from another world       perhaps another planet           had your own thoughts

you came to me                   heard my call                       and there you were

for a little while                   blue eyes like the clear blue sky            blond hair

like the setting sun               a joy to see                              you made your own way

far from me                         and all who loved you                  found your own place

remained a visitor               all of your life                         a visitor who heard my call

November 26, 2016

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Mary said...

Annell, I think all of our children come as visitors to our lives. Some grow up and stay close. Some grow up and find their own place. And I think both ways are hard in their own way.... Parenting is NOT easy.