Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 10, 2017 The Sunday Whirl #295 - Sunday's Whirligig - Poets United Poets Pantry / Easter



it is morning                             i listen for your call                            the world is waking


a new day is born                     a day of celebration                                 a moveable feast


people followed the patterns of nature       the equinoxes         & the solstices are sacred


the amount of day & night are similar            easter                    a celebration of new life


& relief from the cold                                   yesterday            from my bedroom window


i saw two bunnies in the sage                i always wondered        where that idea came from




spring the time of renewed life       after the chill of winter            eggs became the symbol 


often we have forgotten the origin        the idea of the easter bunny      & decorated eggs


by themselves seem insane       rabbits & hares      were associated with the goddess eostre


the stores are filled with products         stuffed bunnies           easter baskets & plastic eggs 

treats fill children’s baskets         without considering the origins        it all seems quiet mad


children hunting for colorful eggs                 rolling across the lawn              who has most  


April 10,2017                         






  1. I just declined an invitation to Easter Dinner. Many similar thoughts rolled through my head, at the moment. Perhaps, replacing its original meaning with bunny rabbits, colored eggs, and baskets filled with chocolate, allows us to forget our desperate need to be forgiven?


  2. I remember Easter egg hunts when my kids were young. Such fun. Sigh. Today I shall get an ice cream cone as a nod to the day. Smiles.

  3. So true...when you think about it! Makes me wonder how these traditions connected with Easter got started. I remember having to search for my Easter basket in our house though...and that was kind of fun! Happy Easter, Anell.

  4. This is beautifully written. Happy Easter, Annell :)

  5. a wonderful sketch of the Awakening...

  6. It all does seem quite mad, doesn't it, what we have done to this most sacred of Christian holidays. One wonders ....

  7. Our family still have Easter egg hunts or a little test before to see who get first pick of the pile of eggs everyone has contributed to. Strange how the children normally get to pick first!

  8. What would Jesus say? We are quite mad, bunnies are hollow, and sugar goes with everything!