Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 20, 2013 Look and See

I met with a group and the topic of "look" and "see," was raised.  Are these words the same?    Do we mean something different when we use the words?

The dictionary says, when "look" is used as a verb.  l: to make sure or take care (that something is done)  2: to ascertain by the use of one's eyes  3 a: to exercise the power of vision upon:  EXAMINE  b archaic: to search for  4: to await expectantly or watchfully 5:  archaic: to bring into a place or condition by the exercise of the power of vision  6: to express by the eyes or facial expression  7:  to have an appearance that befits or accords with

"See" is used as a verb.   l: to perceive by the eye  2 a: to have experience of  b: to come to know :DISCOVER  3 a: to form a mental picture of : VISUALIZE  b: to perceive the meaning or importance of : UNDERSTAND c:  to be aware of  : RECOGNIZE  d: to imagine as a possibility  : SUPPOSE 4 a: examine, watch  b (1): READ (2): to read of  c: to attend as a spectator  5a: to take care of: provide for b: to make sure  6 a: to regard as : JUDGE  b: to prefer to have c: to find acceptable or attractive  7a: to call on: VISIT  b (1)to keep company with (2) to grant an interview to :RECEIVE  b : ACCOMPANY, ESCORT  9: to meet (a bet) in poker or to equal the bet of (a player) : CALL

To Look or To See
When in conversation
I say, “Look”
I am asking
For your understanding
For you to hear me
To hear my words
Know their meaning
I want you to see
What I see

I want you to see me
To get down and
See right through me
Look into my heart
My soul
I wait for you
To see me

When Asked
I will answer “yes”
I saw it
I stood before it
My eyes in that direction
I thought I saw it

I continue to look
Time passes
I do not look
At something different
Yet, something changes
Perhaps it’s me
Suddenly I see

I Looked
A first impression
Was formed
I saw it all
Upon re-inspection
It seems I was blind
I did not see at all

To See
To see
Takes time
To look
But an instant



You look beautiful. (Shows the state) I had a look at Him . ( I had a glance at
him , Noun)
I Looked at the blackboard ( Transitive verb)
Look every corner of the room ( Search)
Am I right ?

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Love them all, especially the closing stanza.

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