Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday July 16, 2010 Hope Begins in the Dark

You say hope begins in the dark. Was it a dark birth on a dark night? Or did hope just appear and cause an eclipse of the sun and plunge the whole world into darkness? Or does hope wait for you in a shady glen?

When you saw hope for the first time, did you just know that if you took him in, found a place for him, he would be the stubborn staff you would need in the lean times? He would provide the strength that would be needed as you kept watch thru the night and that he would be there when the dawn broke in the morning? That he would be the substance and the song? That he would provide the question and he would provide the solution? That he would be familiar and that he would give comfort?

Sometimes you would feel his fingers upon your face, reading your emotions. And you would remember he was sometimes spoken of as blind. He is with you.

He would quiet the dogs and give bones to the children and his advice was simply to wait, count the minutes, count the hours,wring your hands.

He would say, "Just wait," "Wait until nightfall," "Wait until the dawn." "Wait, wait, wait." "Do nothing, just wait."

At other times he would say just, "Keep working."

And when all energy was spent what ever will be is. And last but not least, he will say, "Never give up!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautifully written post Annell. I've seen you all over Blogland this morning...Lisa Pressman, Magpie, comments...good places to get around! Thank you for posting my thumbnail...I was taken back and pleased seeing my image in your sidebar!

Ann Webb said...

Wonderful words and thoughts. Thank you for these powerful images in words.