Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday July 12, 2010

To find the way home, or back to my own routine. It is quiet in the studio, and the day promises to be hot, as was yesterday. Like everyday, there is much I hope to accomplish. There are people I want to contact, business to do, shoes that pinch and have a little, unwanted tuck inside and that have to be returned. Do errands in town. I hope to get some photography done, and work on inventory. I have had an idea about my website and really need to accomplish it.

Five small shimmering paintings lean against the wall. It seems the work has taken a small turn, and today, I like it. Still based on ideas about the desert, but just a little different. For one thing these works are not on paper, but rather on a panel, and right now I am exploring black, white and grays. It seems amazing such a little change, can make such a change in the look of the work.

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Brian Miller said...

oh i like the makes the mind wander...smiles.