Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday July 14, 2010 Art Santa Fe, The International Art Fair

Sunday I went to Art Santa Fe, in Santa Fe, it is the international art fair. Friday was the Press Preview, then the Ribbon--cutting and then the Opening night, champagne buffet benefiting Santa Fe Art Institute. It was at the new Santa Fe Convention Center. This is the tenth year of the fair. I went on Sunday, because I wanted to take some pictures and write something about the fair. I thought it would not be as crowded. I want to say now, I am not a writer of art, I am an artist, but for those who didn't get to go, I hope I will be able to give you a sense of the fair.

Pam Campbell is on the right in the red shawl. She is very personable, and a very gracious dealer. Her booth looked great, I wish I had gotten a better shot! The William Campbell Contemporary Art is in Fort Worth, Texas.

There were less dealers than there has been in the past, therefore less to see. It seemed well organized and set up, the lights were low (except for in the booth, the dealers had lots of light on their art). And because there weren't many people there, you could get close without pushing and shoving, and could see the art.

I want to mention the Bullseye Gallery, They had a beautiful booth and had some wonderful art. I responed to the work of Cobi Cockburn, from Australia. She says, "She focuses on making objects that are each unique, calming and whole in experience: forms that purely express myself and reflect my most instinctive feelings.

Representing a time and place of meaning, each artwork hold its own story, never literal in appearance but imbued with the essence of its moment." Jamie Truppi, Assistant Director, said the photo of her work wouldn't really capture it, but you can see it better on the website. She is working with glass, and her work was very beautiful

These two pieces belonged to the Sandra Lee Gallery, 251 Post Street, Suite 310, San Francisco, CA. Their booth was filled with interesting pieces, but the other shots I took were a little fuzzy. The director was really wonderful to talk to, and a real pleasure to meet.

The Santa Fe Art Institute, 1600 St. Michael's Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505. This is Edite Grinberga, who had a wonderful painting in the booth.

LA Art Machine, Bryson Strauss, 442 S. Van Ness Ave, Los Angeles, Ca. This booth was showing work by Jean Wells. And Bryson, told me they would be leaving the large tree in front of the libary in Santa Fe. So if you missed the Art Santa Fe, and you are in Santa Fe, you will still be able see one of Jean Wells works.

William Siegal Gallery 540 S. Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe. This is a gallery which shows the ancient and the contempory. The booth was dominated by a large black painting by Karen Gunderson, the booth was sparsely hung and each piece had it's own space.

Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, 200 West Marcy Street, Suite 101, Santa Fe. One of my favorite booths. They were showing some really wonderful art and Fiona MacConnell was very helpful. Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, has a new space in the Railyard Art District/ 554 South Guadalupe, Santa Fe. So when you are in Santa Fe, don't miss this gallery.

Park Fine Art 20 First Plaza, Suite 65, Albuquerque. Young-Sook Park was so interesting to talk to, and had a wonderful booth. She gave me beautiful brochures about her artists.

This is Sandy Zane, Gallery Owner of the Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, 435 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe. Sandy was showing some of their really big sculptures with a projector, it was a good solution to a difficult problem, how do you show those really big sculptures at an art fair? Both Sandy and Ned were very gracious.

Robert Turner--Photographs 129 Via Latina, Del Mar, CA. Robert was very sweet and told me a lot of things about his work and how he did it. Some of his landscapes were photographed in Colorada, and were really stunning. It would be fun to go on locations with Robert.

Volume Black, Nikki Milavec, 929 Broadway, New York, NY, was featuring the work of Lisa Lebofsky, who paints on aluminum. They had several of Lisa's works on aluminum.

David Richard Contemporary, 130 Lincoln Avenue, Suite D, Santa Fe. David Eichholtz, the director was very helpful. The black and white painting in the photograph is by Peter Demo, who lives in New York.

In a area apart from the exhibitors, there were demonstrations by the Bullseye Glass Company and Landfall Press. In the picture you can see Mitchell preparing a plate for the press.

I hope you will understand, this is not meant as a comprehensive survey. I missed some of my favorites, it just wasn't the best time for a photo. But these are some of the booths at the Art Santa Fe.

If by chance you will be in Santa Fe on Friday the 23, be sure to go to the Karan Ruhlen Gallery to see the show of Vanita Smithey. It will be a wonderful show!


Jingle said...

what elegant gallery,
Glad to see you share with us.

~Babs said...

I almost felt I was there, very nice post of a wonderful event.I love Taos,,,,enchanted land for sure!
This was such a diverse group,,of art and locations,,,all brought together beautifully.
I enjoyed it!