Friday, July 9, 2010

TGIF JULY 9, 2010

Yesterday I received a link to a blog, that my friend thought I might like. Let's call this artist Bobby Swinson, not his real name, and a real "hustler." I checked out his blog and he was in Berlin and so self-important. But what I quickly realized was that his writing was all "Who, What, When and Where." It sounded like his life was about interesting things and places, but was written so boringly. Just the facts Mam. I don't think I will go there again, but I learned something, I am not interested in the "four W's" of his life...or of my own.

What I like, is that something else; the magic, the inspiration, the gift. It's not the journey, after all, that is interesting, but it's the little things in between. And that's what interests me. What color do you like? What color was it? How did you feel? In fact I think we have to slow down to really, "smell the roses," to know their color, and their form.

Tell me about the way the sky looked, and the feel of the soft belly of the bunny. Tell me about your dreams. Sing to me. Tell me your own personal tale, in hoarse whispers.

Who are you really? Who are you when the gang goes home, and we're alone. What kind of paper do you like and what is your favorite snack?

I like the idea of planting words just to see what writing might grow. Keep on going, tell it all. It's only four minutes, is that enough time to list all of your favorite words? And if we could gather all those words, what would we write? Could we communicate it all? Or would we just write love letters to all that grows? And all that doesn't?

Or would we just make lists and keep them between our toes? Nothing settled, no one knows.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

I smile at the thought of the bunny's soft underbelly, listed and kept between your toes.

Suz said...

Hi Annell,thanks for the visit to my magpie tale
and for your comment about beginning again...
Is your header what you see out of your window in the morning? If so, what a place to begin anew.
I'll see you at your next posting

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings dear Annell,

I had to muse there for a moment and read part of your post once again.

The destination should always be a journey filled with moments of explorations that take us down a side road . . .

So much is missed if the destination is just that, a destination.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend.

Everyday Goddess said...

I love finding the magic and going for a rich moment!

This is a great post, and I gave you one of my weekly awards which you can collect anytime for your sidebar if you like!

Happy Creating!

Seth said...

Hey Annell. Not sure if you got my earlier email but you won a giveaway on my blog last week! Can you email me and I will give you all the details? Congrats! Seth from The Altered Page

Anonymous said...

Again a powerful piece Annell, I am impressed with good story telling qualities, especially with yours! Best regards from Montana.