Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday 29, 2010 A Day for Dreaming--A Day to be Creative

And so here it is Thursday. And again I am looking at Fiona's list. And today I would like to look at creativity or as she says, Get Creative. I think we could no more get creative, than we could get being. I think that we are all creative. I am often told my people, I'm not creative. But I think that is just a way of saying, I'm not aware I am creative. Or it is not a conscious practice. So perhaps in order to get creative, we must be conscious in our lives. Any part of life, or all of life can be creative.

In Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, It says the definition for creative is: l: Marked by the ability or power to create; given to creating 2: PRODUCTIVE--used with of 3: Having the quality of something created rather than imitated: IMAGINATIVE

So it might be the way we do business, the way we design and develop our art business life, the way we tell the ones we love, how much we love them, gardening, cooking, everything can be creative and we all are.

It is to become aware that everything we do, and everything we are is creative. Everything we touch, we make it our own. In a way, to be creative, could be thought of as making special.

For example: It is winter, the snow is on the ground. The world around me is white and cold. I am writing a letter, and I place a pressed flower from my garden into my letter. It is a reminder of the lovely, warm summer and the beauty that was my garden, which just seemed like hard work. I remember that I had to remove all the weeds, and how it hurt my back. Sometimes I am only thinking of the hard part of being creative. But then I remember the beautiful flowers, bright red, orange, pink, yellow and white.

It is only to say, hard work is a part of creativity. I painted all day, my feet and my back hurt. I broke down and cried because of my frustration in trying to create the painting, my heart has been broken many times because of my lack. But later when my work is finished, I am pleased with the by product, the painting, I made with my hard work.

Perhaps we should also remember there are four steps to creativity. The first step is inspiration. We have an experience, and we have a desire to do something. The second step is incubation. Perhaps we "sit with it for a while." The third step is execution. We do something. And the fourth is judgment. We make judgements about what we have done. And we might make some additions, deletions or alterations. It is very important to keep these steps in order, we must make it visible before we make judgements.