Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday July 6, 2010

I was able to paint yesterday. And as I worked I realized my mind seemed to go "exploring." It seems to be a bit like fishing. Ideas are swimming around and I am just barely aware of them, and while I work my "hook" snags them, I can pull them to the surface and examine them. I am aware at this moment, my mind was making preparations for the next work I will do. And at the same time, I saw that fish (idea) swim bye. It seems that painting is a multi layered activity, it might be an intense concentration on what I am doing, memory, or planning the future.

The poppies come and
go so quickly in the Desert.
The colors are brilliant,
And before you know it,
They fade.

The light is the same,
Or the lizard on the wall,
Sometimes I feel wistful,
to know that there is
nothing that lasts for long.

The Desert and life
force you to be
present in the moment,
For if not, you will
miss the whole thing.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like these Zen Drawings...INK?

layers said...

a very zen-like post but in the desert-- I have relatives in Tucson and so I am familiar with the desert down there-- because of the heat I imagine flowers bloom and fade pretty fast and one has to be in the moment to appreciate everything.