Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday July 14, 2010 The Day the Elephant Turned Around

It is quiet in the studio and the day promises to be hot. It will be another busy day. Yesterday, I continued the project I started two days ago, cataloguing and photographing work that is not in the inventory. It is a job that must be done. I have several flat files and they are filled with work that has not been put into the inventory, and yes, what we like to do it to create new work. How can we let a day go by, without creating something? Sometimes I think it is my animal side, and it is as necessary as eating. But then my obsessive side takes over and away I go, whatever the project, I become obsessive, and now I am in this project and I am determined. I thought today I would add some works that were outside the series of Fragments. I find when I am working on a series, I get the "What if's." And of course I have to see, so I create work that is an anomaly of the original idea.

I think it is a way to stay with a series for a longer period of time. I think before, I used to work on an idea for about three months, and then I was off to another idea. I also think because I work everyday, and stay focused on an idea, I am able to investigate an idea for a longer period of time. And also because I allow myself to wonder down side streets, and unmarked lanes, I am not so structured to one idea.

The images I am posting today, are gouache on oriental paper. I love this because of the organic quality of the work. I guess it looks more like textiles. The paint is absorbed by the oriental paper, on watercolor paper the paint seems to sit on top of the paper.

I feel I must get to work, I have stacks of work everywhere in the studio, waiting for me to give it a number and snuggle it back in it's own drawer to wait for another day, when it can come into the sun again.

Work that was created sometime before, is like an old friend, we haven't seen in a while.

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