Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zen Drawing, July 7, 2010

"In the narrowest meaning of the concept, it is touch, after all, that I am after in my work. Through the touch of my hand I hope to find transmitted into something that touches the spirit." --Ann Truitt, Day Book

These drawings, that I call Zen Drawings, are from a series of drawings I did when I was in transition from one series to the next. I remember in my early years, I was told I moved too quickly from one series to the next. But because I have always worked everyday, I am able to investigate many ideas about a series, fairly quickly. Then in 1991, I began a series based on the grid, and stayed with that series for a very long time, and even find myself returning to it from time to time. I think I have said everything, and then something else comes into my mind.

I am in the process....slowly, of photographing and trying to inventory my work. But it takes time.

Today, I look out on the mesa and I see lines; roads, pathways, and wildlife trails. I will see lines made of wire strung on fences and telephone poles. I might look up and see vapor trails; white against a clear blue New Mexico sky. Linear symbols are scratched on rocks by early man; drawing is everywhere. Drawing is a human activity which does not have to be learned; it is a global visual language.

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