Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4, 2010 Get Working

Get Working is the subject Fiona Robyn suggested in her Things to be Curious about: I have found anything you want to do, do it first. Then for the rest of the day, the thing that I wanted to do most is done. I think often, especially for women, we do for everyone else, and save what we want to do to the last. Then we find we have run out of time, or out of energy. So honor yourself, do it first, and sometimes if we have a day job, it means we get up earlier, before demands are made on us by others.

There is a little secret, and that is to leave your work space ready to go to work the next day. And always end on the downhill.
And that means don't do everything you know to do. Leave your work, knowing where you will do next, to be finished the next day. You won't lose any time getting back into the rhythm of your work.

Fiona asks, "Are you dissatisfied with your current work?" Of course this calls for a change. Change your medium, change your method, change what you are thinking about. Spend some time in the library, read through your journal. Go to the museum. Add a new color to your palette. Spend sometime alone, think, and write about what it is that you want to do. Be very clear and be specific about what you want, no generalizations.

She asks "Would you like to learn how to enjoy your work more?" We will enjoy our work when we concentrate on the process, give up the product completely. Be in the moment, and be grateful that we are able to do this, in the way we want, we don't have anyone telling us what to do, or how to do it. It all up to us, although that is a big responsibility, accept the responsibility.

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RA said...

The words are wise. But at times it is hard to act on them. :)