Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010 Hearts upon my Doors

The morning is quiet and it seems that it will be another hot day, although it is cool now. The sky is blue without a cloud, one might say, "All is well." I was reminded this morning of the hearts I have placed upon my doors.

Though I see them all the time, sometimes I don't "see" them and I forget why I put them on my doors. In New Mexico there is an old tradition, to put a cross above the door, to remind the person who sees it, of the loved one who is gone. I guess I had something like that in mind, when I placed the hearts upon my doors.

It was not long after I moved into this house, this little house in the high mountain desert. My own heart was heavy, so I thought to relieve my heart, I used lots of color that I loved thoughout my house. We respond to color emotionally. We say I love that color or I hate that color.

And the next thing I did was to hang hearts on my doors. To remind myself to keep my heart open and to create a life filled with love. It seemed important to remember that we can create the life we want. Some of the hearts I bought for myself, and some were gifts given to me.

When I begin my new life, I have created some new traditions that mark special events in my life. I look for ways to celebrate our own life and I give thinks and I live each day in gratitude. If we want to change the world, we have to begin with ourselves.


  1. Thank you for sharing a bit more about Annell...your hearts are beautiful and bountiful!

  2. Annell, I am absolutely in love with the colors in your house. (And the hearts ain't bad, either.)

  3. Dear Annell, It is so refreshing to see your house of life symbols represented by your hearts and colours.
    We are surrounded by icons of cultures of death. To me, the cross reminds me of one excruciatingly painful and barbaric death, one of many such deaths that were and still are meted out in the name of one diety or another.

    Your break with tradition is so simple in practice but so profoundly symbolic. To me it reinforces my own rejection of the concept of a 'judgement day' and the fear of death that imposes. So, although I mourn the death of a loved one, I am thankful for the love I was gifted during that life and know my grief is for my loss not theirs.

    So glad to read you are in love too! LOL.

  4. Lovely hearts...Beautiful post and so wise...

  5. What a wonderful new tradition you've begun. And I'm crazy about your colors too.

  6. 'To keep my heart open' I like that, it;s such a beautiful idea. I think that when you open your door to someone you are also opening your heart to them. Lovely.