Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What is there to say
about brown?
The darkest shade of yellow,

It's usually considered a somber color,
But actually,
it's just a shade of yellow,

You often see it when you look down,
You think it is brown,
But just a shade of yellow.

It seems to be a grown-up color,
But if we stay young, we'll choose,
Just a shade of yellow.

I don't think brown tastes so good,
I would rather eat,
just a shade of yellow.

My favorite color used to be brown,
But now,
just a shade of yellow.


RA said...

Heh, never thought of it like that. Great TT! :)

Glynn said...

There's an aging here, that yellow to brown, or a sense of decay. I think I would rather eat a shade of yellow, too. Good poem.

dustus said...

I love all colors, especially complements (cause they're so nice. lol) Enjoyed the pic of different browns too). Thanks for posting for One Shot Poetry today!

Aoife.Troxel said...

Both a shade of yellow and brown are fine by me, though a shade of yellow has more romance. Interesting TT :)

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Ode to brown. And a good one.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I might be hungry but brown and chocolate are a combination...I think of dark rich chocolate and then the milk chocolate...yellow would be, give me chocolate...brown!
Good job on choosing yellow!

maggie's garden said... favorite color. Never thought of it as a shade of yellow. I've always read that yellow is a color that evokes emotion. So if that is so...this explains a lot!

Thanks for following Maggie's...I'm happy to find you. I too am into making art. You have some beautiful work on your sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Awesome writing and never thought of it that way!! Now I'll look at it with a new perspective. Thanks for sharing!! :)

Steven Marty Grant said...

All in the perspective, nice read

Francisca said...

A lovely take on the theme brown. Glad I dropped by.

Marilyn said...

I enjoyed reading this, it's so well done. Brown has always been one of my favourite colours, I never thought of it as a shade of yellow.

Austin said...

A shade of yellow. Well done

willow said...

Ah, but I love my dark, rich browns! (love the notion that it's just a shade of yellow)

Pete Marshall said...

that was clever, never thought of that before...going to ask my kids now...yep you are right they came up with yellow & orange..thanks for that..Pete

tony said...

A Happy & Mellow Yellow T.T.

joanny said...

Really very interesting you made us stop and ponder the notion. clever writing, great for brown TT.