Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday August 29, 2010 Tiny Creature

Tiny creature upon my back door,
Are you looking in to see,
Strange humans,
Doing strange human things?

I have never seen you before,
Or your kind.
And yet you must live here,
Share the space.

I wonder,
How many others are here,
Right here, right now,
And I never see them.

Yesterday I saw a full grown horny toad, near the road in front of my house. That was the first time in all the time I have lived here. I knew there must have been at least one, as I have seen two babies under an inch long, I think it was a she, and she was lovely. Wonderfully fat, and she seemed to be very proud of herself, sitting under the sage. When we were children in Texas, we used to catch them, and tie a little string around their necks. We would carry them on our shoulders all day. They would sit quietly and observe the world.


Brian Miller said...

what an intriguing find....we had a praying mantis in the house this morning...he was huge...the boys got a kick out of seeing him....any clue on what this is? there is so much we never see...

Dianne said...

I'd love to know what it is... and love the story of the Horny Toads... I hear Greenhouse frogs on my patio all the time, but never see them... I've seen the large Black Racer snake that left the skin seen on this post ( once, but in the last few days a smaller one has decided to reside in a stack of pots by the back door. When we open the door he sticks his head out to see what's going on...

Anonymous said...

As I was admiring the BEAUTIFUL sunset at the top of your blog, I said to my husband: "Ohhhh. I'd LOVE to live in Taos New Mexico". Scrolling to the next photograph, I immediately said "NO WAY!!"

What the heck IS that thing!!!! And, for gawd's sake, don't touch it!!! It truly looks fearsome.

SandyCarlson said...

We definitely share the space. Beautiful poem.

signed...bkm said...

nature is amazing annell - your words are beautiful and heartfelt...too many overlook such embrace it...bkm

Marilyn said...

Lovely words and I like the idea of sharing space -but I wonder what it is that you are sharing space with?

Carrie Burtt said...

Annell i just love this poem and post of nature and its wonders! :-)