Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday August 3, 2010 Out of the Studio

Today I go to Santa Fe. Yesterday the clouds were magnificent! I worked on a series of encaustics. They are small 16" squares, and there will be ten in this little series, and they will be a part of the Desert Poems Series. The other works I have done have been with gouache, but I've had these panels for some time, and wondered what I might do with them? While the pieces done in gouache are broken into forms, these pieces are more minimal.

In the beginning, I applied texture, and used a tool, that is used in ceramics, drawing a line in the middle, vertical and horizontal , thus creating four squares. So each piece is made up of four squares, and is one color. There are many layers of paint mixed with wax, as many as 30 layers. And as I layer the paint is lighter, darker, or seasoned with other colors. Sometimes, I scrape, and then, I apply paint again. The series as a whole seems to be coming along. I started number nine yesterday. I paint, and then sometimes I return and paint again. What I find, is that when we are creating new work, we must create several paintings, so that we can see the work in context. Then we are better able to judge our work.

When the work is new to us. It takes time to really see it. I read once that it takes as much time to see it, as it takes to create it. So we must be patient, when we are looking at work for the first time, even our own. We must not make decisions about what we like too quickly. And I think this is especially true when we are looking at the work of others.

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