Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday 12, 2010 Autumn Song

Autumn Song

So much I need to do,
To find my way to you --
Today I dream of your,
White winter's blanket.

I watch and I listen,
For your Autumn song.

The greens have only begun,
To slip into the brilliant colors.
Yellows, oranges and reds.

The signal that,
This year will be over
Before you know.

Without your help,
It will be complete.

A benediction.
You have had the opportunity,
To walk through one more season.

(This image I took from inside the studio, thus the reflection, looking West.)
Prompt #20 for 2010: Last Redwood

They are all gone,
Each in it's own way.
I stand alone,
But not for long.

Without the heart,
To love and care,
Life cannot continue.
The heart has been eaten
By a terrible worm.

It's over,
But life will begin again,
Rise up from the ooze,
There will be another chance,
To get it right.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like your autumn song...powerful words. I have just begun a new set of five pieces under the subject of "Accepting Autumn". What is keeping you busy in the studio this fall?

Dianne said...

Autumn Song is beautiful... The sky in your photo is so lovely... The redwood poem is sad, hopeful... very moving...

SandyCarlson said...

Autumn Song is a beautiful reflection on how good it is to be here and simply be. Beautiful self-portrait.

Your response to the redwood post makes me think of how life takes care of itself, even in death.

Pearl said...

"Today I dream of your winter blanket."

As someone living in Minneapolis and having watched the average temperature drop 20 degrees in less than two weeks, this speaks volumes to me.

Over from Not The Rockefellers. Really like your work!


willow said...

Beautiful autumn song. I adore this time of year, a glorious benediction.

Stafford Ray said...

So many emotional ups and downs in one sensual poem! Annell, my wish for you is for "...another chance, To get it right." XO.

dustus said...

Love Autumn Song and have been admiring the pictures of Taos on your site. cheers, annell