Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday September 16, 2010 Magpie Tales 32 -- Time Runs Out

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A Time of Your Own

I opened the window to see,
An hourglass if you please,
A reminder of another time
And how they kept track....

When to get up?
(And I'm wondering about this?)
Appointments to be kept,
Let's meet for lunch?
What time would school get out?

Probably the way people said
Things would be different,
You probably couldn't say, ten fifteen?
It all happened when the sands ran out,
And then of course someone had to turn it.

There is a saying, we still use today,
"The sands of time."

And then the sands ran out for the last time.
And people had a new way to keep track,
It had to do with the circle,
Circle of time,
One would have to wind it up.

But no more turning over.
You could have one in the hall,
Or wear it on your wrist.
Never late for an appointment.

Then from winding to batteries,
The end of the circle,
Only numbers,
But with all of our inventions,
And drive to keep better tract.

Sometimes we're late,
The battery runs out,
And has to be replaced.
Time stops,

And when our life is over,
Time stops for good,
No more keeping track,
Well leave that task to another
It's a job that's never finished

It lasts a lifetime,
And that's a time that cannot
Be measured
It's something individual
A time of your own.


  1. I wish that "time" would stop. It kind of does for me while I am writing. Lovely piece here. Love and Light, Sender

  2. Time seems to be speeding up these days, though I know that isn't really possible...nicely written Ms. Annell.

  3. Dear Annell
    A lovely Ode to time...

  4. who was responsible to turn over that hourglass? Did they have bigger ones to represent a day? On vacation we would remove watches ceremoniously and live each day timelessly...
    and now that we are retired we dont pay attention unless we have an important thing to do that replaces our timeless life.
    Nice Magpie.

  5. A task that never ends... Timing the time... Brilliant mag

  6. time goes faster for me when I write :) a tribute to time for sure..

    My Mag

  7. some days i wish i could turn the hourglass on its side but it continues to run...nice write annell

  8. History lesson that kept me smiling. BUT 'sands ran out for the last time'.? No. I still have my egg timer.

  9. Perhaps that is what drives the creative individual, that time of no time passing, that time that is all mine? Love what you did and the history. But really liked those last few lines and where you ended.


  10. I truly enjoyed this! A timely look at the facets of time! :)

  11. We do have to make the best and most out of the "sands of time" we are given....nice magpie...bkm

  12. It would be cool to have an hourglass wristwatch...


  13. Don't you wish we had a "time remote" to rewind a bit?

  14. You leave me speechless. Thank you for the gift.

  15. The sages say time is a lost kitten,
    mewing sadly on the wind, but
    I cannot accept the sadness, like
    Leo I pay no attention to Time
    when I write, and now that my
    yoke of servitude is unlocked,
    and reposted to some other
    younger neck, Time pays no
    attention to me either.
    I got a nice Zen buzz off your
    poem, and it brought a smile
    to my lips because I have read,
    and recognized, and remembered
    that on the other side of the veil
    Time does not exist, past, future,
    present are one continuum. Nice
    notion that.

  16. Love your beautiful thoughts on time...:-)

  17. Like Carrie, I love your thoughts on time. Time can be a cruel master, it would have us all living to it's rules whereas in reality time has no meaning as we don't have yesterday nor tomorrow, all we have is now.

  18. Love your transitions from the hourglass to the end of life and passing on the time held in the hand....

  19. Great magpie.

    There is a progression in our timekeepers that says so much about the times in which they were used. I wonder if a time will come when the hourglass might be a necessity again instead of a novelty. Hope not, but time will tell!

  20. Love your thoughts on time Annell...truly beautiful! :-)


    awards for you...
    Thanks for the support.
    linking for this week is open ...11 hours to go.
    Happy Tuesday!