Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday -- September 23, 2010 Mag 33 White Ginger

You speak of Acquade Parma,
But my dreams go back many years.
I opened the tiny package
You gave me.
Along with all the other gifts
You brought from the islands.
So long ago...

Pan-Am had only one flight a day,
You were greeted
By a man, ambassador round the world,
Dressed in feathered head-dress,
He played the role of King Kamehameha
And placed a lie around your neck.
In my dreams there remains...
The sweet smell of white ginger...and you.

Theme Thursday -- Stretch

I am often stretched in every direction.
As an artist,
Like my role of woman,
My work is never done,
A project completed
Only leads to another.

I go to yoga to stretch
Beyond where I have been before.
I write words,
Look for meaning,
I have the opportunity to be
A Super Hero, Rubber Woman
Stretch to my limit.


  1. Last stanza... brilliant. Nice wordplay. Love and Light, Sender

  2. Dear Annell,

    This Magpie reminds me so of January 1968, a reunion in Honolulu with my then husband - during the middle of his year in Viet Nam. Thank you for writing it ............

  3. Lovely the scents of Hawaii...and White Ginger....I was married Diamond Head...bkm

  4. I can relate to stretch - and ginger - like the scent of flowers on the air in Hawaii, I agree

  5. Beautiful Magpie! I sense a little brush of bitter-sweet memory there! Enchanting! And love your interpretations of stretch! The creative spirit constantly stretches for more inspiration and challenge!

  6. After reading this I got all nostalgic for Pan-Am..which got me thinking about my father's matchbook collection...he had several from various Pan Am flights.

    Funny where poems...and scents will take you


  7. Beautiful poems ..both; memories of past gifts, time and places and the idea that you can be what you want ...just stretch.

  8. Wonderful poems that speak easily to memory and the present! Scent is such an essential part of us.

  9. Scent-sational story. I agree with Tumblewords...scent is indeed an intrinsical player in our memories. Enjoyed both poems. Lovely!

  10. both very good takes on the theme. rubber woman... personally, i like to think of myself as wonder woman

  11. An incredible post. A beautiful memory and a beautiful woman. Thanks for these.

  12. ah ginger perfume....I remember that from my teen years...lovely post!

  13. The Pan Am reference took me back, and placed your poem in time for me. Magical.

    As for your role as Super Hero and Rubber Woman, I'm sure you pull off both brilliantly.

  14. Annell both are beautiful poems...your life is so are a super hero...:-)

  15. Dear Annell,
    I love your poems. Ginger and many scents hold uncountable memories. And Rubber Woman reminds me the delicious feeling after stretching high and low - I need to exercise...

  16. Lovely memories. I like the 'rubber woman' in your second piece. Life gets like that sometimes :)

  17. wonderful annell...hope you are having a great trip! dont feel too stretched...smiles.

  18. Ah, beautiful ginger, such lovely scents in Hawaii...I love plumeria and tuberose and all the beautiful flowers of leis. Nice magpie.

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  19. sorry you are not feeling better...

  20. Very well penned down indeed... Loved it throughly!
    Have a nice day:)

  21. I just read Stretch again. I was talking with my hairdresser about taking up yoga, and your poem eggs me on in that direction. It is good to be stretched, to be alive.