Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday October 15, 2010 One Day in the Life...

I finished this work this week. I began it several weeks ago. And I felt it was necessary that I finish it, even though since I started it, a new idea about what I want to do has come into my mind, and I have been very interested in starting this new work. Part of what we do, as artists, is to watch ourselves, see what we do, what we create. It is as if we present an idea to the artist within, and we are anxious to see what we do with it.

This piece will be a part of a series I call, One Day in the Life..., it is the series I was working on before, Poems of the Desert. I worked with this series for several years. I realized that the idea of a man's life, could be told in one moment of one day. The colors I chose for the series came from the quality of the light of the day. And this piece was based on the light of a day in September, 2010, in Northern New Mexico. I had not done one just like this, it is 40"x40" and the grid it is based on is 1/2 inch squares. When all is said and done, it becomes an overall pattern. The composition is based upon a random process, and it cannot be envisioned until it is made visible. The paper is oriental paper, and the paint is gouache.

On Thursday of this week, I was actually able to begin my new series of work. This is a very exciting time for an artist. Something new in the air. Plenty of mystery, we don't know, will it work out, where will it go, once we have released this new idea. Can we accomplish what we can envision? So many unanswered questions, but I know, all that I have done to this point will come into play to reach my goal. I depart on a new adventure.....bon voyage.


  1. When I first saw this I wondered how on earth it was so frosty in NM at this time of year. This looks so much like the ice-covered windows at my house in deep winter, which I'm always fascinated by (

    It feels like I'm looking through one of the panes at winter's blustery white sky. Really amazing work Annell.

  2. nice. cheers to new adventures...and i like the concept of telling a mans life in a moment of time...intrigued...

  3. I'm always happy to begin a project with the first step in the creative process...the dream, the plan, the wish, the unrealized vision...actually all the steps are good but the first one is especially wonderful! bon voyage!

  4. I love the way your share how our mind works. I feel the creative vibe coming from your words as well as the extraordinary image you have posted. Each moment is a microcosm of our whole story, and everything we have done brings us to where we are. A rich blessing. Thanks for this beautiful image.

  5. And I too have begun. I was going to wait until after Tuesday, but just couldn't do that. It had to be now, and I'm so glad I did. It has given me several ideas and directions I can and might go in. Thanks for this, it is good to know we are going on our separate journeys, yet somehow doing that together. Hugs,


  6. intriguing~ this work.and leading you off on your next part of this journey..

    oh, loved your comments on the mabel blog about your time in taos.