Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday September 30, 2010 Magpie Tale 35 I am October

I am October

I am October...
Excuse me...
Could you pass me a tissue?

Yes, I see your new dress,
Reds, yellows, oranges,
Literally on fire!

But it is you,
You lowly sagebrush,
Master of the bare plains,
You grow in abundance,
Tiny forest,
You are the one that holds us together,
Won't allow all to blow away,

Perhaps it is for lack of respect,
You take your revenge,
Like your cousin Ragweed,
You cast your pollen far and wide.

I sneeze, drip and tear,
Another tissue please?

I look at you in October,
I will not forget.
You have your place,
You do your job,
One that only you can do,
You grow where others cannot.


  1. great imaginary!

    I will read it to my son :)

  2. Oh, I think we share a few of Autumn's great 'gifts!' I'll have a tissue too.

    Thank you for wishing me a good journey ... I leave soon!

  3. "You grow where other can't" took my breath away! :)

  4. Oh how I do miss the Sage Brush of my So. Cal days but now I live is the glory of the Ozarks. Honey local honey it helps. Lovely poem it brought back so much for me.

  5. I think it's time you moved! Seriously, you are the interloper, as we with European genes all are. But you see so much beauty in it and for that you tolerate the pollen and the huge cost of tissues! :-)

  6. You definitely have characterized October. Achoo!

  7. That is very beautiful. So well done, friend.

  8. Wonderful tribute to such a beautiful month....very nice..bkm

  9. Lovely, intuitive take on an October perspective.

    Beautiful header picture, love the display of autumn colors there.

  10. Perfect.
    Thanks for touching on the allergies!!!
    Love this season, but it gets more trying every year. Tissue please!

  11. yay! great to see you back...a playfu piece there up until the end...nicely done...hope you are feeling better....

  12. Annell i understand completely i have tissues in every room and i grew up on benedryl...:-)

  13. Ragweed, sagebrush, I know those things!! And I'm smiling (mostly :) because my allergies just kicked in this week, they usually do around early October (but strangely, never in the spring!).

    Happy fall to you, the best.

  14. Gosh! I had not seem this before, you write with you r heart and that is such a skill...

  15. I love that there is sagebrush to 'hold us together'. Charming piece!