Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday 25, 2010 Poetry Potluck - Love and Romance

Love and Romance
In the grab bag of life,
To get love and romance
In the same package
Is tricky.

Perhaps the secret is
When you find love,
Look carefully for the
Unique romance it brings.

If we know what we are looking for,
We might be disappointed,
But instead,
Allow for the surprise -- the unexpected.


  1. hoho- you r right! chances makes everything perfectly interesting!

  2. So, so true! But we must keep hoping, musn't we?
    Very effectively written!

  3. It's good to understand that romance isn't just the domain of the knights on white horses and red roses. Appreciate what is.

    Nice piece, Annell!

  4. You said it with the surprise...when love surprises us we are born again in romance....nice ...bkm

  5. are a romantic at heart
    this was very nice Annell

  6. love your tender and lovely heart about love.
    well done.