Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday 27, 2010 Mag 38

Old Stones and Markers

Memories in stone,
Who was it?
Whose name is chiseled here?

Tinker, tailer, cowboy, sailor,
Man, woman or child,
Baker, butcher, candlestick maker,
Mother, Father,
Someone's little daughter,
Someone else's brother,
Soldier,sailor, doctor, lawyer,
One and all come together,
Life is brief, death is long.

Put me in a plain pine box,
Bury me beneath,
The cool dark earth,
Make it green,
Invite the worms,
Feed the earth where I came from,

Whisper my name,
Blow it to the wind,
Sing and dance,
Celebrate my life,
Shed no tears,
I've lived my share,
One day at a time.

No need to write,
My name in stone,
When I leave,
I'll be long gone.

Yes, the prompt made me think of death, and how it is supposed to be a part of life, and yet we never learn, and try our best to run away. Not something we would choose, for ourselves or others. But so it goes, and always has, we need to get over it, on with it, do the best we can with what we have, ....have left. And then chunk it to the wind, and take the next step.