Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday 27, 2010 Mag 38

Old Stones and Markers

Memories in stone,
Who was it?
Whose name is chiseled here?

Tinker, tailer, cowboy, sailor,
Man, woman or child,
Baker, butcher, candlestick maker,
Mother, Father,
Someone's little daughter,
Someone else's brother,
Soldier,sailor, doctor, lawyer,
One and all come together,
Life is brief, death is long.

Put me in a plain pine box,
Bury me beneath,
The cool dark earth,
Make it green,
Invite the worms,
Feed the earth where I came from,

Whisper my name,
Blow it to the wind,
Sing and dance,
Celebrate my life,
Shed no tears,
I've lived my share,
One day at a time.

No need to write,
My name in stone,
When I leave,
I'll be long gone.

Yes, the prompt made me think of death, and how it is supposed to be a part of life, and yet we never learn, and try our best to run away. Not something we would choose, for ourselves or others. But so it goes, and always has, we need to get over it, on with it, do the best we can with what we have, ....have left. And then chunk it to the wind, and take the next step.


Anonymous said...

Before commenting... I love your sidebar saying no awards please. I am the same way and I also don't let people put up their links. Have to be consistent.

As for the piece. I've read it three times and I am still not entirely certain how to express what I feel about it. Needless to say from repeated reads I am quite moved by it.

Love and Light, Sender

Kay L. Davies said...

Yes, all we can do is live our share, one day at a time. Good thought.
I love your "make it green" idea, too, another good thought.

Jingle said...

very well played game.
love the last few lines.

SandyCarlson said...

This one makes me think of Emily Dickinson and her subtle, gentle love of life and of the beauty in each breath. It really is enough to be here.

Mary said...

I like the part about celebrating your life. I agree with this as well. By the time I pass, I hope there will be a lot that can be celebrated. Not sure about inviting the worms though! Good thoughts.

Diane T said...

I just love these lines:

Whisper my name,
Blow it to the wind,
Sing and dance,
Celebrate my life,
Shed no tears,
I've lived my share,
One day at a time

Definitely more cheerful than my words.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I like the idea of a name blowing in the wind.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great the combining of child rhymes and serious beliefs and the perfect goodbye "When I leave, I'll be long gone"!

Marilyn said...

This is so beautifully written, I love your words and your sentiments.

Whisper my name,
Blow it to the wind,
Sing and dance,
Celebrate my life.

I love these words.

willow said...

Beautiful and evocative piece. I love the notion of dying "green". Well done, Annell.

Brian Miller said...

invite the worms in...nice. i dont want people to mourn my passing...i plan on living to the full until that time...and hope they can celebrate that

Suz said...

said like an artist

Everyday Goddess said...

i agree wholeheartedly with you.

excellent magpie.

Stafford Ray said...

You are brave Annell, expressing those thoughts in a culture that is so preoccupied with death.
"Sing and dance,
Celebrate my life,"
Celebrate now. No need to wait until you are 'long gone'.
PS. My mother in law, Nan, held a wake for herself recently so she 'could be there and enjoy the party'. works for me!

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

Annell I am all about the celebrating, rather than mourning. Grieve if you must, but be brief...Pray that I am on to better things.

Maurie Kirschner said...

I love that third stanza. The questions that arise, how we wonder about who someone was when faced with an old grave marker - you perfectly captured that.

And yet as your poem showed, eventually when faced with such things we are also faced with our own fleeting lives... and you captured that beautifully and boldly as well.

Carrie Burtt said...

Annell this is so inspiring to have spoken what you believe and still given us hope and motivation no matter what our belief may be.
Wonderful writing Annell indeed! :-)

EcoGrrl said...

very melodic, love the happy feel to it...happy dias de los muertos!

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderful honesty in this well-honed piece!

Kristen Haskell said...

That is a beautiful piece. I love your note beneath the Magpie stamp. It is so true how important in the time we have left but what we choose to do with it. Very moving piece. Kristen

Anonymous said...

Lovely thought provoking post - its important to celebrate life - we are all a long time dead.

Martin H. said...

I'm reminded of my Grandfather, who used to say, "In the graveyard, everyone has the same rank." He was right.

Reflections said...

Well maneuvered piece... deep. Nice Mag.

Lydia said...

I like this matter-of-fact poem about death! It is pretty much how I feel too, including how I feel about having not had children...once I am gone there is nothing left of me, and I find that very Zen. :)

Linda said...

A very interesting and down to earth view of life, death and beyond.

Helen said...

LOVED this ... especially the second to last stanza (which I am going to copy and save.)