Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday 5, 2010

Day 5, The challenge was to write a metamorphosis poem.

The Importance of Today
At this stage of life,
One is probably,
Amazed at what we have become.
Yesterday, I was a girl,
With girlish hopes and dreams.
Today I am an old person,
Coasting on the downhill side of life,
Very aware if I am to accomplish anything,
It needs to be done today!


  1. in the blink of an eye...tomorrow is today and the future is yeaterday.

  2. Yes, it all seems to be speeding up on this downhill side of life...wonderful words Annell.

  3. Today is very important. I think that I am in the best part of my life now, I don't think of it as downhill.

  4. My body says yes to the downhill, my mind says you gotta be kidding, yes? Doesn't matter cause today is the only one of its kind.


  5. wise message.
    everything is relevant ...
    keep shining.

  6. A beautiful and perceptive poem Annell, I agree with Elizabeth, my body is going downhill, and gathering pace I fear, but my mind is not yet aware of it.